Sump Guard

Many routes are dirt roads, it becomes necessary protection under the engine compartment to protect the oil pan and swivel the muffler, and in general to avoid any rocky outcrops can “hook” to something and literally strip away from the engine and supports body. With the sump or paramotoreinfatti, obstacles should “slide” along it, like a sled, who sacrifices himself rather than other components importanti.Dal as the sump for the Fiat Seicento, serial, there is a need to make craft. Given the lack of “rests” solid under the engine compartment, the engine guard will be attached via sturdy brackets to bolt the suspension arms, and attacks parafango.Il side of the bumper and the chosen material is aluminum, for its flexibility and light weight. But first, to give shape to this plate, I shaped a sheet of cardboard [picture 1]. As a reference the front of the PPG has been provided directly below the bumper anteriore.Il shaped cardboard served as a specimen [photo 2] to the aluminum plate (thickness: 3mm) was cut with a flexible in the correct form [photo 3 – 4].To fit the engine compartment was necessary to bend the sheet, is not easy without the right equipment, we have solved a system crafted using a sturdy metal table, a steel plate and many terminals used as “levers” [picture 5]. To facilitate the operation has been done by a groove with the flexible part in which the plate is bent.Once satisfied that the size and angle of bending of the plate is well suited to the planned attacks in the engine (there was no need for retouching, photo 6) were carried out the brackets. As already said, the only solid points of anchorage under the seventeenth century are the bolts of the arms of the suspension, intended to support but now has most of the weight of the sump [photo 7]. The brackets were made of iron (3mm) bent “L” and secured to the plate with large rivets. To facilitate assembly and insertion of the keys has become necessary as a rounding of the edges [Image 9-10]. The length of the plate also covers the support of the motor with its silent block, the latter used as an additional anchor point of the sump guard always with a stirrup iron.

The front of the engine guard is supported by two steel brackets (1.5mm thick) attached to the bolt of the pillars that support the wings and paraurti.Questa car part is not particularly strong, and is very vulnerable. You will then be subsequently reinforced with steel bars welded directly onto the uprights.

Once done with the unit on the brackets was virtually concluded. [Image 11-12-13-14-15] The brackets made in this way allow rapid disassembly (are 5 bolts), a very solid and no annoying vibrations. There is certainly a paramotor can absorb violent shocks, nor capable of supporting the entire weight of the car such as the large SUV. However, this is a must-have item and secure utilities. The brackets are mounted in such a way that, in the event of violent impact, are themselves to bend and not the points to which they are linked. This, considering we’re talking about a small car, represents the maximum amount of underbody protection feasible.

As the last work we have realized the ventilation holes to ensure a flow of “fresh” air to the engine, manufactured by a cup drill [photo 16-17-18].

For this work the team “we go of nothing” thanks Ubaldini Augustus, whose great experience and craftsmanship have made this work possible.

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