Roof Rack

lavata e col portapacchiWaiting for work of more importace and challenge, we decided to start with something that, at least in appearance, seemed simple: the Roof Rack. Purchased at IKEA for 39 €, Brand SUPER CAR “open line” for our model.It comes with instructions simple enough, but the practical test will reveal WRONG. In fact, the measures reported do not correspond with the attack points, and we were forced to “correct” measures repeatedly. After assemblage the cross bars seem stable and strong, ready to be soon accompanied by the drum rack.

We then purchased for 30 € an old rack , whose attacks fortunately corresponded perfectly to the cross bars. We placed the basket on the bars and drilled  the rack with the bars that are below. We passed screws with locking nuts to secure everything.

We needed to expand the basket that will hold 4 spare wheels and other stuff, so we bought some “L” profiled aluminum bars (3mm thickness) and an aluminum foil (thickness 3mm). The side plates (15cm high and 140cm long) are connected to the cross bars of the old basket using its own screws, after removing the entire structure, while the front and rear panels are connected to side panels using rivets. The aluminium foil has been positioned in the back and anchored to the bulkheads and to the structure of the basket by means of rivets. All this would have been impossible, or certainly not as precise and professional, without the support of Augustus Ubaldini Thank you very much.

Watch the photo gallery.

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