After making works more “heavy” we have added some accessories to the machine of great aesthetic impact, both for our own satisfaction, for exigencies of use of less importance, but still necessary.

1) We have repainted the wheels of steel: the original black paint was ruined and that, besides being unsightly it could facilitate the formation of rust and become difficult to remove from the hub (especially being exposed to a lot of sand on the journey). While wiping, we temporarily mounted spare wheels with red rims offered by Car demolition Autodemolizioni Paradiso. It ‘was still a unique opportunity to see Andreas, in red suit outfit, try out a range of practical work, showing great dexterity.

2) To avoid unwanted holes in the radiator due to loose pebbles, we fitted a safety net inside the bumper, which was removed with no small satisfaction.

3) Our journey will be very long, and surely beautiful, but the idea of starting and driving 10 hours every day without a radio, it seemed excessive, but in fact we very much interested to know what the Hit Parade in Uzbekistan and listen to great classical Radio Mongolia .. the car had no radio, but only a spartan predisposition.

We then mounted the radio antenna on the roof and tried without success to connect to the radio, a true antique (class 1985) to the wire strands that emerge from the dashboard .. Furthermore, when we were driving in the dark roads that we will find (where the lights are a mirage), we have two additional lights mounted to the roof rack that will try to connect soon.

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